Ambphalla Jammu Branch: There are 8 large air conditioned class rooms available for written coaching at Ambphalla Jammu branch. 

Bari Brahman Branch: To facilitate physical fitness training, 400 mtr running track, rope climbing, monkey crawl, Burma bridge, Tarzan swing, Tiger leap, beams for pull ups, 9’ ditch, long jump, high jump and GTO tasks have been made at Bari Brahman Jammu Branch. 

Hostel: PGs (Paying Guest accommodation) have been opened by people near both the Branches where all our students stay. They charge Rs 7,000/-(Per Month) which includes all three meals, water and electricity.


   9 ft ditch


                         400 mtr run

Beam for Pull Up


          Biggest ground in Jammu for physical training

     Burma bridge

Long jump